Digital Data Integrasi

(DDI) is an independent Management and Technology Consultancy firm founded in 2017 starting with small team and growing rapidly.  We have more than 30 consultants local Indonesian resides in Jakarta.  We offers its clients a seamless consultation approach, a strong focus on business results and an entrepreneurial culture. In collaboration with customers, we realizes customer-specific solutions based on industry and functional expertise.

New and experienced

Even though the organization is new, hence each of consultant has more then 10-years foundation in Technology and Management experience. Such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, and many others.


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Markets and customers

With industry and functional expertise, DDI offers customer-specific solutions. DDI is active in the following industry segments:

Commercial Services: Natural Resources, Communication & Content, Utilities, Consumer Markets, Chemicals, Automotive, Manufacturing

Financial services: Banking, Insurance

Public Services: Government, Healthcare & Social Welfare, Postal & Transportation.

Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
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Hard Working Employees
Happy Customers

Sustainable results

DDI offers sustainable improvements in the field of Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Operational Excellence, Customer Management and Information Technology. Characteristic of our approach is on the one hand a focus on clear improvements, which have a direct impact on turnover or bottom line, on the other hand by ensuring that the organization itself is then able to implement the improvements sustainably. Training and coaching of the employees in the organization is thus an integral part of our approach. 

Clients & Partnership

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